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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pizza Night

We could have called Pizza Hut or Papa John's, but "pizza night" is much more fun when you create your own delicacy.

Ask all three granddaughters what they want when we do order out, and they all say "pepperoni" or "cheese". Give them their own ingredients to choose from and they get creative and their own individuality shines through.

G1 - She chose marinara, cheese and loaded the pizza with sweet banana peppers, meat and olives.

G2 - She created a work of art. On top of layers of marinara, cheese and meet, she used red and green bell peppers to form a flower.

G-3 - In typical 4-year-old fashion, she had a little help with the sauce and cheese. Then she used olives to create a smiley face on top of her pizza.

While the pizza was cooking, they gobbled up the raw vegetables and cheese that they had not put on their pizzas.

The pizza? Obviously delicious. There were no leftovers.

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