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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Learnings from Texas

I've been in Texas a whole month now. I wish I could say my return to the Lone Star State has been smooth sailing, but I'd be lying. Any move is hard. But a move back to the rough and tumble Texas has been even harder.

First, I've learned that Texans like to drive big trucks. Actually, they just plain love to drive. The congested highways and streets are a testament to that love. Texans also love to drive fast. I might just have learned that, but my insurance company has it engraved in stone somewhere because my rates have more than doubled. I guess beach bums and retirees in Florida must be safer drivers. That's lesson No. 1

Texas men come in two breeds - gentlemen and jerks. Sometimes there's a bit of both in them and that is true whether they are cattle ranchers, firemen or business types the city. A Texas man is the only one I know who will stay in an elevator and hold the door open, even if it's not really necessary, until all the women on the elevator get off.

That's the same man who will make you feel like he's about to smash his big, black, pick-up truck into the back of your Pruis if you drive too slow. Lesson No. 2.

Texans love their state. They proudly display the Texas flag and many even recite the Texas Pledge right alongside the Pledge of Allegiance. The state has that cool "Don't Mess With Texas" bumper sticker and I almost believe it. But I've seen too many Texans throw their empty Dairy Queen wrappings on the highway to buy into that folklore too quickly. Oh, wait...I think that pick-up truck had Oklahoma license plates. Lesson No. 3.

There's many more lessons that will be ponderings and musings for more blog entries to come. I started this blog when I lived in Oklahoma, hence the name "North of the Red River." Then, I moved to Florida, way down south of the Red River, but I kept the name. Now, I'm back home and I'll still keep the name. Just because I like it.

I love Texas, even though it feels strange to call it "home" again. In the past month, I've cried, I've yelled, I've yearned to go back to the white sandy beaches of Florida that I love so much. And, I might someday. But for now, I'm here. And, like it or now - I'm a Texan. Lesson No. 4.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Texas has beaches, too! In fact, anything you's sure to be in Texs somewhere. I'm pretty sure I learned that in Texas.