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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Are wires coming out of my ...?

It's been a while since I blogged. The ol' blog that I truly mean to revamp into a Florida incarnation has almost become a casualty of my constant travel. But here, I am at the airport -- blogging. Not probably the most useful thing I could be doing, but cool nonetheless.

Still it sort of freaks me out -- a child of the 60s and 70s who used to think a transitor radio was cool -- to be so "wired." I know I've blogged on this before, but just think how different things are. I carry a cell phone -- two actually. My blackberry offers me the Internet, constant email -- and GPS. Now I can blog at the airport on my laptop.


I'm headed to San Antonio this weekend -- Hello ya'll! Meeting my youngest for a fun girls weekend. Hubby is pinch hinting on the campaign trail for me. He's in Fort Myers this morning, video taping a Rudy G. event. Then he's headed to Miami -- I think.

Yep. It's like that. Travel is a constant and I learned yesterday that between Jan. 29 and the November election, I'm going to be almost constantly on the road. Good thing I have those wires coming out of my head. Communication is a good thing.

One more thing before we begin to board: We found a house this week! I'll post some photos next week. We had narrowed it down to two: one pristine, perfect -- not near the beach; two: our new house. Less than 100 yards to the beach. Shall we say the house has "character" and leave it at that. TLC will be needed. But we had to make a lifestyle choice.

Since we travel all the time, the house on the beach will be better. Of course, that's what I'll tell myself when I try to cook a big meal in the small galley kitchen and think about the big kitchen I gave up.

Compromise. In the meantime, Texas, here I come.

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Sondra said...

How about them Tigers!?!?!?! We had such a great time watching them cream those Big Red Big mouth fans, and at the Stadium!!!

No one can ever deny that Mason is my child, I have taught him well. When we first got there, this Nebraska fan (who ended up on ESPN)started talking smack to all of us Mizzou fans a few rows back on the hill. Well, Mason smack talked him back, and omg he burned him bad! It was really cute! The guy egged him on, and ended up coming up when Mason did the "come here bring it" hand move that you see wrestlers do. The guy came up and sat down next to Mason and Mason snubbed him. The guy laughed and said, dude you are so cool. You just embarassed me in front of 50 thousand ppl. It was hilarious. Since you are with A this weekend, ask her what the Soldier Boy song is and what the dance is. Apparently Mason has been learning the dance moves while waiting for the school bus and when the song came on, he started dancing. Everyone was cheering for him when it was over, darn it, where was ESPN then?? lol

He cheered the loudest and hardest, we have taught him well :) Pics up on my blog, check them out!!!